Work From Home Is Here to Stay, TSplus Can Help Make It Easier and Safer for Everyone

Remote Working

Remote working has been gaining ground for years. The recent explosion in the number of people working outside of the office may slow down, but it will not stop. The consensus is that working from home is here to stay.

Remote working is not without risks. Cyber-attacks, ransomware and other security issues still keep IT admins awake at night with worry. Yes, remote working is a good thing for most. The question is, how do we protect ourselves when using this kind of setup?

Understanding the Concept of Work from Home

The entire process is not really complicated. This is a thing that we actually do every day. We access the internet to get news or information about what is happening in our surroundings. There are applications that make this easy, including SaaS applications and cloud office suites. This is where TSplus can help as the transition from the traditional work setup to remote working continues. 

Where Does It Start? 

Employees are the ones working from home. Most are not security experts. There are still cyber-criminals who are taking advantage of the situation. It is up to corporate IT admins to make sure that employees have the tools they need and a secure way to access them.  

Password security is a first line of defense. Tools like two-factor authentication can take that to the next level. 

Securing the Back-End 

With often limited control over the devices being used outside the office, it is especially important that corporate networks are secure before, during and after login. TSplus has an innovative solution in TSplus Advanced Security. It provides the tools that are absolutely necessary to operate a remote-access environment safely. It can block simple brute-force attacks without any intervention from the Admin. Advanced security can be used to limit hours of server availability, as well as limit logins based on geography. During login, it can monitor for incorrect attempts, take action and inform the administrator.  

More Recent Threats 

The past couple of years have seen a massive rise in the instances of ransomware attacks. From schools to municipal offices, small businesses, and everything in between - ransomware and the consequences of the attack have been all over the news.  

Advanced Security provides intelligent protection from ransomware. It doesn't just watch for known threats and file types. It watches for suspicious file behavior and adapts its definitions to counter that behavior. Combined with robust logging and automated snapshot backups of commonly affected files. Advanced Security has become the go-to cyber-security software solution for thousands of businesses all over the world. 

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Source: TSplus Corp