TSplus Remote Support V2 Provides Easy Administration Tool for Support Agents

TSplus Remote Support

Answering the Call of Small Businesses with Limited Budget in the Remote Desktop Support Market

Recently, TSplus announced the official release of version 2 of its Remote Support software. Along with the must-have Unattended Access feature, this new major release offers several additional features to make remote administration a breeze and enable support agents to work efficiently.

In technology, it is essential to get the right tools to do the job. For support agents, the goal is to be able to solve customer issues in the shortest possible time. Support services must be organized and use smart tools to manage tickets, sort entries and split work between agents, to say the least. 

Remote Support V2 offers Smart Administration Tools to Ensure the Best Remote Assistance.

TSplus Remote Support is already an ideal alternative for secure remote desktop control and screen sharing. Remote Support delivers instant remote assistance anywhere, at any time. With a browser-based interface, one of the biggest assets of Remote Support is that sessions are started just by sharing a custom link with the client. One click, and the agent is connected to the end-user's PC with full control of mouse and keyboard.

The newest version of Remote Support provides the right management tool for Support agents. Using the centralized and intuitive Web interface, agents have access to numerous features and settings that make their lives easier and help troubleshoot issues faster. 

One big addition is the ability to send remote commands to the end-user PC. Combined with unattended access, this allows agents to remotely take control of a machine and perform actions without the need for the end-user to be present, such as starting Task Manager. As so, agents can keep fixing problems at any time of the day or night, and at weekends when necessary. 

Next to this useful feature, the agent has the ability to organize all unattended machines per user and per group with simple drag and drop. This is an excellent management tool to quickly find out which client/department needs help and set priorities, as well as to assign specific machines to different agents.

Other important options make Remote Support a very handy support software:

  • With an SMTP Server configured, agents can send the session-sharing URL by email with access to various email templates.
  • Agents can send a unique PIN Code (ID) instead of a session-sharing URL.
  • One-click session URL shortening.
  • A "Session logs" section that can be easily exported to csv file. That is fundamental to know the history of support sessions with clients and provide adequate help. It's also helpful for tracking hours for invoicing.
  • Copy & Paste information between the agent and end-user PCs.
  • A chat box to directly communicate with the end-user, including access to client information (type of OS, Hardware, etc.), options to collaborate with other agents, language selection, file upload, and more is to come.

To learn more, check the online documentation.

Overall, TSplus Remote Support is an easy-to-use and budget-friendly support software. Price is set per agent and starts at $250 for five agents, with perpetual licensing. 

TSplus Remote Support V2 can be downloaded for free (15 days, 5 agents) directly from the website: https://tsplus-remotesupport.com/.

Source: TSplus Corp.