TSplus Releases Server Genius 3.4 to Report Server Failures in Real Time

Server Genius browser pop-up alerts

TSplus delivers an new version of Server Genius. This monitoring add-on is a Must-have in every TSplus administrators' toolkit: Server Genius 3.4 keeps an eye on servers and tracks all critical events that can lead to production breakdowns. Its detailed reports and real-time alerts ensure a great reactivity in addition to cost savings in high-risk situations.

TSplus is proud to deliver an upgraded version of its monitoring and reporting add-on. As part of the new features, this 3.4 release includes alerts notification by browser pop-ups to enable quicker response. 

Server Genius Monitors Multiple Servers and Prevents Website Failure

Server Genius installed on multiple servers continually monitors events and data. Designed for TSplus administration, it tracks and analyzes activity on websites and RDS servers to deliver smart graphs and accurate reports on their status.

Key information is centralized on the main Server Genius dashboard and is accessible on any web browser. Administrators receive an overview of their network in a single glance, which allows them to quickly react accordingly. As soon as a server goes down or shows any suspicious behavior, it flashes in red to attract attention. With the 3.4 release, the dashboard is automatically refreshed each time the administrator accesses it. It’s possible to then dig into more detailed information to analyze situations over a designated period of time in order to understand precisely where the problem occurred and to durably solve it.

Server Genius Provides Accurate Insights into Production State

With Server Genius, network administrators can quickly check the overall performance of their servers with metrics on resource utilization(memory size, CPU, Disk, I/O, etc.). They receive warnings when licenses reach their expiration dates and when apps are over-consuming on TSplus servers. As such, they can easily optimize their installation, anticipate future investments and avoid major issues.

To support the continuity and stability of business activity, Server Genius provides useful information on the health of websites, availability and responsiveness. It’s the best monitoring tool for making decisions on website improvements and for ensuring effective SEO campaigns.

Next to the monitoring of servers installation, Server Genius records every action taken on TSplus remote sessions. From the moment a user connects to the RDS server until his log off, the software tracks all activities and applications' use. It then compiles the data into meaningful and colorful reports to show who is using which apps and for how long during each remote session. It’s the simplest way to get actionable feedback on a business organization’s efficiency. From this point of view, Server Genius is a true management tool for optimizing IT resources and analyzing employees behavior.

Reduces Reaction Time for Crisis Management

In addition to these great features, Server Genius also includes a variety of options for providing important information to decision makers before a crisis emerges. As a first step, administrators should set thresholds for defining which situations present the greatest risks to their TSplus installations. In the new 3.4 release, it is now possible to set alarms per server for excessive downtime. If these thresholds are exceeded, Server Genius uses various actions to immediately alert the administrator.

An alert is sent automatically via email, and with Server Genius version 3.4, it is also sent via a browser pop-up notification. With this method, the administrator experiences no loss of productivity. No matter what he or she is working on, the critical information is displayed on the screen in real-time.

All alerts are then listed in the "alerts" tab in chronological order as well as in order of resolution. With Server Genius 3.4, alerts for events that remain unresolved stay at the top of the list, above the ones that have already been resolved. This helps administrators to become very efficient at managing crises.

The TSplus development team is working on additional features for the next major release of Server Genius. For example, the ability to export reports under Excel and PDF files.

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