TSplus Releases a Video Explainer for Its Brand New Virtual Printer Software

TSplus Virtual Printer Explainer Video is out!

Two months ago, at the time businesses all around the World were driven to send employees home and deploy solutions for remote working, TSplus came up with its new remote printing solution: The Virtual Printer. The easiest way to locally print a file saved on a remote server. TSplus has recently published a video to present the great benefits of its latest innovation.

Remote Printing Helps Maintain Business Continuity. 

As the video illustrates, being able to print remotely is one vital question when being forced to work from home while staying productive. 

TSplus software provides remote access to applications published on the central network and can be combined with its Companion Tool the Virtual Printer to allow secure printing to any local printer.

Remote Workers can safely connect to their corporate office, use their professional apps and print necessary documents to handle their business tasks: contracts, payslips, construction plans, spreadsheets, etc.

TSplus Virtual Printer Explainer is out!

The video below explains in less than two minutes why the TSplus Virtual Printer is a smart alternative to other remote printing solutions:

  • Easy Configuration - Driverless
  • Reduces Printing Data Volume
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Compatible with all Brands of Printers
  • Supports multiple Printing Formats
  • Keeps Data Safe on the Corporate Network
  • Works with the TSplus Generated Client, the RemoteApp and the Web-Portal plug-in.

Watch the video to discover this program.

The Virtual Printer can be tested for free along with TSplus Remote Desktop software via their 15-day trial: Download.

Source: TSplus International