TSplus.net Redesigns Its Store Page to Enhance the Purchasing Process

TSplus.net New Store Page

This month, TSplus has invested in improvements to the Store page on tsplus.net. It's no secret that the design and structure of the Store page greatly influence the final purchase decision. In order to better show visitors the whole range of products TSplus has to offer, how they can complement each other, and why the pricing is so interesting, the web developers have worked on a new layout that makes the purchasing experience on tsplus.net easier than ever.

As mentioned in an earlier communication, TSplus' main website, tsplus.net, has been under a complete facelift for months. One of the main objectives of this redesign lies in the need to present the range of software in the most obvious way. TSplus has become the main brand, and the suite of products has been renamed and re-organized to clearly show their diverse benefits.  

The second major goal is to constantly improve navigation by decreasing the number of clicks, displaying the most valuable information first, and simplifying the menu so visitors can quickly understand the offer and find what they need. 

Easier Navigation and Clear Store Page Layout  

TSplus developers just took the last step in this important evolution by reflecting these changes with a brand-new Store page. Previously, the Store page was organized in different tabs, depending on the type of TSplus' products the visitors wanted to purchase: Remote Access License, Add-ons, Update and Support Service. With the introduction of new products, a new way of doing things became necessary. 

Now, the TSplus' Store consists of a unique short page, no scrolling is necessary, all available products are visible at one look.  

The process is quick and simple. Thanks to toggle bars, the visitors can quickly dig into the details of the offer for each product, compare editions and select the right pricing. A click on "BUY NOW" redirects to the payment page with a description of the items included in the basket.  

An Optimized Store Page to Upgrade Customer Experience 

The new TSplus Store page has been built to improve the purchasing experience. The process is meant to be smooth and obvious from A to Z. Licensing information is clearly specified under each of them, whether it is by the number of users, servers, support agents, or websites. TSplus' policy is to make all licenses permanent, which is visibly stated on the store.  

Add-ons are now logically offered with the product they belong to: TSplus 2FA and TSplus Virtual Printer are gathered under TSplus Remote Access to suggest buying them as a whole package.  

The other TSplus software are independently listed underneath, following the same structure.  

Finally, the "Update and Support" and "Upgrade your License" tabs have been suppressed. Instead, the page displays two new buttons:  

  • Upgrade or Add Users to Your Existing License: this is valid for any product that can be upgraded to another edition or a higher number of users, agents, etc.  
  • Subscribe or Renew/Update support services: this is valid for any product 

What's great, is that these buttons directly send to the TSplus Licensing Portal where customers and partners can check and manage all their licenses and perform actions such as updating, upgrading, rehosting, etc.  

The Store Page Now Integrates the Customer Portal

In order to streamline the purchasing process on tsplus.net, the decision was made to keep the "after-sale" actions only accessible from the TSplus Licensing PortalThe Store page now redirects customers and partners to their personal space to handle these operations by themselves.  

Direct access to the online portal is granted as soon as a TSplus license is purchased and sent by email along with the order confirmation. The customer or partner can connect using an order number or email address.  

This allows TSplus to track and record purchasing histories from a central place and further optimize the customer experience with adapted Communication and Support.  

The Licensing Portal is frequently enhanced with new features according to customers feedback and requests. Below is the list of the most recent changes:  

  • Redesign of login pages (customer and partner) 
  • Added features: Find Purchase Order and Forgot your password 
  • Improvement of the user experience on the customer login with detection of the right email address when entering it 
  • Minor improvements on the customer page display  
  • Index page that leads to a landing page with choice of the desired portal 

For more information, visit www.tsplus.net  

To know more about the TSplus Licensing Portal, check the online User Guide.  

Source: TSplus Corp