TSplus Announces the 2.3 Release of Its Monitoring Add-On, 'Server Genius'

Monitor Multiple RDS Servers from One Place

TSplus has released Server Genius 2.3 in preparation for the upcoming upgrade Server Genius 3.0. Discover the new functionalities and enhancements this 2.3 release offers.

Monitor Multiple RDS Servers at a Glance

Server Genius is the "must-have" tool for RDS Administrators seeking clear and reliable reporting of their RDS Servers' environment.

Installed on your servers, it captures all data and provides analytics about users' activity and applications used on a TSplus remote session.

All this information is then compiled into simple and intuitive graphics and sent by e-mail or pop-up directly to the administrator, who can then react accordingly. Data stay accessible at any time with any mobile device via the Server Genius web interface.

The current situation of the entire network can also be checked at once from the Server Genius' "Dashboard" that displays the CPU and RAM of all monitored servers in real-time.

Server Genius 2.3 Includes New Features

The latest 2.3 release offers new developments that aim to improve the user's experience. For instance, a new user benefits from a guided tour at his first connection.

On the Server side, some nice enhancements have been integrated as well, such as the possibility for the administrator to select predefined alerts, and the great option to enable HTTPS (see documentation). HTTPS connection prevents any interception of the communications with the server from an external source.

The HTTPS protocol provides a completely secure RDS connection. It eliminates the risk of being spied on or losing control of the users' actions. With Server Genius, the administrator is able to force all TSplus remote clients to automatically use HTTPS.

However, SSL support for ServerGenius does not prevent administrators and machine agents from accessing ServerGenius using the current HTTP port configured (default is 7777 for administration website). Therefore, there is no need to reconfigure machines already monitored by ServerGenius!

Download Server Genius Now: https://dl-files.com/Setup-ServerGenius.exe

And get a trial version for free!

The Server Genius 2.3 basic license provides monitoring for up to three servers.

Source: TSplus