Setting Up a Secure Home Office With TSplus Remote Work and 2FA

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Remote working continues to be a large part of the continuity plan for many businesses. Finding the balance between security, availability and cost is a top concern for executives in nearly every industry. Equipping users with the right technology to securely access company resources is a challenge that TSplus Remote Work addresses with a brilliant solution.

The rapid shift of businesses towards working from home and increasing reliance on remote working services during the pandemic are the major driving force for Remote Desktop spending and use. RDP enables access to corporate data, apps, and desktops from across town or across the world, making it an ideal technology for remote and hybrid offices.

Many organizations have scaled back on their office space and transitioned to a hybrid working solution - A few days from home combined with a few days in the office. Part of that transition has involved equipping users with remote access to their office PCs, making sure everyone has what they need.

On top of that, there are several security considerations to address when it comes to remote workers accessing company resources from personal devices.

Securing Remote Access to Office Computers

All these challenges, and more, can be addressed with TSplus Remote Work software. 

TSplus Remote Work offers the easiest way to quickly set up a secure home office by creating a direct remote desktop connection to the users' office PC. Using the Remote Work Server, organizations can create a secure web portal and remote desktop gateway, enabling their staff to access the console session on their office workstation (see graph).

The main advantage of Remote Work is that Windows sessions can be streamed directly to the user, without the need for any lengthy installations. With the TSplus Gateway Broker, the user's local machine does not host any company resources. 

In addition to that, TSplus offers a Two Factor Authentication tool for extra security when users connect to the Remote Work Web Portal. TSplus Advanced Security can also be installed for even greater access control and security.

With Remote Work installed on their corporate server or company's private cloud, employees have the ability to access their work sessions and run all their programs, open files and documents on any machine with any browser at any time, as long as they have an Internet connection. No need to carry their laptop or desktop anywhere.

Furthermore, the developers at TSplus have made Remote Work easy to set up and configure so that anyone can use it without any hassle. There are no Windows Server roles to install and Admins get a streamlined interface with all the primary tools right up front and easy to see, including a web portal customization toolkit (see screenshot).

Download the Remote Work free 15-day trial - an easy-to-use and reliable system for the hybrid office of today.

Source: TSplus Corp


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