Discover TSplus' New Secure and Attractive Remote IT Support Software (Video)

TSplus Remote Support

After the successful first release of Remote Support a month ago, TSplus published a video this week to present all the excellent features and benefits included in this brand-new solution for technical remote assistance via screen sharing.

Remote IT Support Service is the New Norm

The world of Technical Support is changing. With clients spread across the world, having reliable and easy-to-use tools for assisting them remotely is the key to keeping them happy and productive. Today, customers and workers expect to benefit from instant remote assistance at any time, wherever they are. They want custom-made solutions, adapted to their specific needs.  

Making IT Support a Seamless and Interactive Experience 

TSplus Remote Support is a secure web-based Windows session sharing tool that lets IT Support teams remotely access and control their end-users Windows PC in just a few clicks

Once the Remote Support relay server is installed, support agents can log on the Remote Support web support from the browser of their choice, generate a link for the end-user and securely take control of the client's device. All the clients need is a simple browser. 

The online documentation describes this easy installation process in detail.  

With immediate access to critical information about the end-user device, full mouse and keyboard control, two-way file transfer and multi-monitor support, the Tech Support Agent can troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively. 

The Agent can open and manage files and applications to perform all the necessary admin tasks to solve the problem, as if in front of the computer.  

For tough problems, Remote Support lets multiple Agents collaborate on a single session, via online chat with the client and simultaneous real-time access to the shared screen.

Remote Support enables IT support services to customize the client web portal with their own branding: logo, images, colors.

To learn more, check out the video - it introduces Remote Support in less than two minutes. 

Secure and Cost-Effective IT Support Solution 

Security and data privacy are important matters. Remote Support has been developed to keep the connection process entirely secure. Instead of using a third-party server as a relay to connect the agent and the client, TSplus Remote Support includes its own relay. Whether it is installed in the office or in the cloud, the Remote Support relay server provides an encrypted connection that remains under complete control of the administrator.  

TSplus Remote Support is a cost-effective tool compared to the competition. The license is permanent, based per agent, with an unlimited number of Remote Support sessions. IT Support providers can increase customer satisfaction while keeping low support costs.

Stay tuned during the summer for more news: additional features will be available soon. For more information, visit

Source: TSplus Corp